My solution or innovation doesn’t currently have a customer, can I still enter?
Yes! However, applications with proven customer benefit will be more highly regarded.
My innovative solution has been used by a customer for the last four years, can I still enter?
Yes! If you believe you have an innovative solution that has not yet gained broad,
cross-sector or sector-wide traction in the market, but has a proven customer, definitely enter.
Does it matter what sector I work in?
We are looking for innovation from any part of the Australian economy. Many solutions and innovations have cross sector applications.
What criteria are you judging innovations on?

A panel of innovation experts will review each innovation based on its market fit, customer value and potential impact.

What level of detail will I need to disclose? (ie confidentiality, or just a broader idea)
You will be asked to provide an elevator pitch and high-level answers to questions about customer demand, market fit and any potential collaboration involved with your solution or innovation. All submissions remain the property of the applicant, and information will be collected for the purpose of evaluating impact and benefit.
I am using my innovation in my place of work, so should I enter or should my company enter?

If you are entering a solution or innovation currently in use within your place of work, you will need to gain permission from the company and enter as that company.

What information should I include in my submission?
It is important to specifically address the application questions and criteria. Applications will be judged on the relevance of information provided, include any attachments that provide credibility and support of the statements in your application.

Do I have to indicate what the prize money will be spent on?

Our focus is impact. Applicants who indicate the likely benefit or impact of the prize money on their innovation should they win, will be more highly regarded than those that don’t answer that question.

Who is eligible?

This competition is open to Australian residents and Australian registered companies. Individual applicants under 18 years of age require parent or guardian consent.

We are a foreign company supplying innovation into the Australian market, can we apply?
If you have a local distributor for your innovation, that company can apply using their ABN to describe your innovative solution. Please note, should the application be selected as a winner, the prize money will go to the Australian registered company.
How long is the competition open for?

The competition launched in June and will close on Thursday 31 August 2023. If you are planning to enter, don’t delay as you don’t want to miss out on this prize pool. Complete the simple application form today.

Who can I contact if I have questions?
You can email us at info@innovationcompetition.com.au. We try to respond in between 1 and 2 working days. Don’t forget to check your junk mail if you think we haven’t got back to you!
Last time I looked at the entry form there was a Save and Continue option now I can’t see it. Is it still available?

Due to some technical issues the Save and Continue option has been discontinued. We recommend that you download the Competition Questions and use this to prepare your answers in advance of completing the form.